Unsworn, a Sci-Fi RPG by Invulse Games.

Planet Kinon concept piece

After months of work we’re finally ready to announce “Unsworn” our upcoming Sci-Fi dungeon crawling RPG.   Drawing influence from games like Borderlands, Diablo and Torchlight series, we’re aiming to bring that exciting mix of action,  looting, and RPG story elements to a top down Sci-Fi shooter.  The game will feature atleast 3 classes, hundreds of different weapons/items, and diverse skill tress, all of which we will be releasing more info on soon.

We’ve been slaving away for the past few months creating a proof-of-concept demo which will be released very soon, but for now here are a few concept pieces, screenshots and the first gameplay video from one of the demo environments.

Unsworn is currently in development for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Ouya.

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